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Hi i'm Omega Zero, i've been inactive over the last year on pc,
but i'm finally back (hooray). This is my third hack, and
i've worked really hard on this hack. I've pretty much solo'd
it and only had help with beta testing. I joined pc about
5 years ago known as Pokefreak2 but made a new account 3 years
ago known as Omega Zero. I've quit my other 2 hacks multiple times
but i hope to finish that, and for that i'll need a team, if you'd
like to help i'll give an application form at the bottom of the post
and just PM me and i'll let you know if you gotten in. Anyways
enough rambling here's my hack

New Hero/Heroine

Pokemon Luria Version!

Story: (I know it's really crap i'm terrible at writing stories.)

10 years after FireRed

...A new evil organization has been formed.
They're goal? To capture Mew and eventually Mewtwo.
They'll take over the world.

Mew only shows itself to the purest of heart likewise
Mewtwo shows itself only to the darkest of hearts...

...Todays the day Prof.Gillian is finally back from her
trip around the world and she asks you and your rival (Tutai)
Reaching the lab you realise that she has three Pokémon and
Tools for catching Pokémon, finally you can start your journey.

Pre-battle mugshots (so overused now D
New region (obviously)
New tiles
New graphics
a couple of Asm Features
NEW MUSIC(Big one)
music from other generations.
My own type of Hidden grottos (found in routes)
Rock jump scripts and tiles (not in current beta will be implemented after the 3rd gym)


Minor graphical glitches.
Minor text glitches and grammatical problem

Credits: (if i forget someone please notify me and i'll add them in)

All the tool makers
Jambo 51: For his Asm routines and such
Darthatron: For the BW2 repel routine
WesleyFG: For the majority of tiles used in this hack.
Zelx!: For his Ow for the main hero and rival.
Kyledove: For his HGSS cave tiles.
Nintendo: For creating this game for me to hack.
Spritersresource: For the Textbox and HP bar rips.
Wichu: Decap patch
Diegoisawesome: DP text patch
874521: Rock jump tile
Hackmew: Running inside bytes.

Team Application:
Colour code: Needed ASAP Needed but not asap Not needed but nice to have
Spriter (experienced please) I now have a wonderful spriter. :D
Story line developer!! (really really needed)
Big Mapper (experienced)
Music Composer
Dppt world map drawer
Asm hacker (Big cliché)

The Team:
Omega Zero: Scripter, Mapper, Ow inserter, Tile inserter, graphics music. Routine inserter.
JamZx: Spriter.
Synka: (real life mate btw) Beta tester.
Other friends on skype with names: Beta tester.

Proof of work:
Time your able to dedicate:
Messenger: Either PM or Skype, sorry i lost my live account and i can't get back into it thanks to Microsoft

The new battle box is a little bit buggy,
but it's not really noticeable.

I'm really terrible at developing stories.

The dialogue in the game might be murder
but i'm sure the game play will balance it out.

The world map is Temporary.

Also, i'm in senior level at college/high school this year so
i have some qualifications and stuff but it's relatively easy to get it all done.

Also everyone on the team may be beta testers as well if they wish.
But you must apply for a role other than beta tester.

Q and A:
Q.Will this have 4-6th generation poke?
A. Maybe, but not in beta 1.

Q.How long is the beta?
A. Two gyms.

Q.You used that overworld in your last hack?
A. I like it. Besides it's only temporary till i get a spriter (so hard to come by these days)

Q. How long will each beta be?
A. Well i'll try to include 2 extra gyms in each beta so as it goes 2, 4, 6, 8, League and post game

Current Beta: Beta 1.

Ps. If someone could help with the css and organization of this thread i'd
be really grateful, my presentation is terrible D:.

That's all from me, and enjoy the beta.

Beta 1 up to 2nd gym
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