Thread: FireRed hack: Pokemon Luria.
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Originally Posted by ForeverDash View Post
No. It doesn't need more screenshots for it to be more appealing. More screenshots doesn't mean more people. It depends on the quality and time being spent on it. That being said, you're mapping could use some work. The 3rd, 5th and 6th screenshot looks so plain. Why not add like more trees, rocks, decorations, etc?
You have told me once before, when you open a thread, you immediately go to the screenshots section. That proves that it is the screenshots that rates most peoples' interest. If I gave you a movie and a book, which would you watch/read first? 3/4 the people will actually watch the movie first. So, in this thread's case, the screenshots are like the movie, which more people would rather ''watch'' and the story is the other text and stuff.