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    Nathan - Somewhere above Sinnoh

    Nathan had been flying for hours now, presumably going in circles. He decided that he really needed to rest now and was cautious that his stomach was rumbling. He swooped down only to find a giant forest between him and the earth. However, a forest isn't always that bad, vegetation means food, and food means life. He flew down closer to his destination and took a moment to summarize to himself what he was seeing. Large tall trees and completely overgrown bushes rose up over the canopy, there were a few clearings as far as he could see, and a small town nearby, that looked habitable. He landed in the town and looked around. It was not as run down as hearthome, the only real damage was of old building not being repaired, but most of the humans seemed to work quite well with each other. Most children only wore cloth round the waist as there was no wool left, only the wool sheared before the pokemon disappeared. The town was definately not Florama, as Nath was certain Florama was south of here. It seemed more like a civilized village. Nath was cautious as to were he went and unfused so he would not freak people out. He wandered round the village, and no-one really minded, looking for some form of leader or mayor. He found him picking berries of a nearly dead tree.

    "Hello, are you the mayor of this town?"
    "Yes indeed I am, what can I do for you poke-spirit wielder!"
    "You knew?"
    "Yes I can see it in you, anyways what did you want to ask me?"
    "Is there somewhere I may stay for the night and gather some supplies?"
    "Accommodation, yes, food, unfortunately not... Let me share a story with you! A young boy, his name was Buzz, ironic I know, wait that's not funny yet! Anyhoo, for 4 years that beedrill, get it now, poke-spirit wielder has been keeping our crops alive... 2 days ago he just vanished! Excuse my jokes, they keep me strong willed at times!"
    "What if I were to find the poke-spirit wielder?"
    "Well that would be great. But first you must rest, you look tired"

    It was true, Nath was tired, and the man was strange, but Nath knew if he could find that beedrill poke-spirit wielder then he might just be able to save the town, ad Nath for that matter!

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