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Rollercoaster Tycoon - i simply love building roller coasters in this game. i remember keeping my own designs (and building ultra-extreme coasters that make my guests vomit lol) and well, naming my rides after people i know. xD

Pokemon - basically my all-time favorite gaming franchise. obv. you can never get enough pokemon.

Super Mario - another all-time favorite franchise. although i am more into the classic games rather than the newer ones. especially mario world.

Syphon Filter - my first shooter gaming series, currently holds a special place in my heart. Lian Xing is so badass in this game. <3

Crash Bandicoot - haven't played their games in forever... my favorite is Crash 2.

Super Smash Bros - i still need to play melee in this series since i only played the 64 version and brawl. i'm really impressed with this series. simply cannot get enough of it!

Just Dance - I will admit that I am quite competitive with this game. yes. trying to get 5 stars on a hard song is a task to do, and it's not easy to perfect! Overall, I have fun with the series.

...that's basically it. I don't really have a top 10. lol. Also, I'm talking about series, not individual games here. lol

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