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If it's not one thing I mess up on, it's another xD
Thanks for the comment Dero, it made me way more self-conscious about what I blur and how much. I liked the idea of the C4D blending into the blond girl's dress like "oh hey it looks like her dress is a rainbow" but I now see how that looks a little messy. The other tag, ehh I wasn't so sure about it in the first place but I'm glad to see that you liked it.

New tag though. I've been on a little creative block(I get those a LOT @[email protected]) trying to look for some good stocks of people smoking lol. so I was just looking through some renders and found the one I used on this tag

I like this tag, sort of reminds me of my 'Silence' tag I made last month.CnC?

edit: It lacked effects, so I decided to go back and add some more to make it more interesting
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