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I watched the two who became agressive toward each other. I didn't think I would be able to help much because I had fatigued myself working out, so I ate my pancakes and watched alarmingly. There was food on the more clumsy one, and it made me laugh a bit. The boy started confronting the kid about some good time, and I figured I could put in my opinion. "Well one, starting a fight here will ruin my breakfast, and this happens to be my favorite morning meal." I cut another piece of my pancakes and ate it. "Two, A fight will cause two bloodied faces, and his isn't one of them." I pointed to the kid on the floor, I had delt with bullies before. I hated human ones, and I had no reason to condone Youkai ones either. "Three, I'm sure a teacher would love to see you cause another day's worth of trouble too." I wasn't necessarily starting a fight, but if I did at least the pathetic kid on the ground could get away.

I ate my last pancake and leaned back satisfied. "I'm sorry if I sound aggressive." I got read for any action the other boy would take. "But threats to anyone, even if it isn't me are personal."

Another kid walked up, making me wander if this would be a brawl rather than a one on one. Though his head comment confused me, "I-I don't know how to respond to that..." I stared at him, seeing if I could hold two guys off at once, at least until a teacher arrived.

Elise awoke the next morning at the standard 6am, the same time as her American school. Her morning preparations and hygenics took less than half an hour, and after it was she was over she went on a jog. She thought she saw Frio on the track, but she was on the other side and didn't get a clear look. She did a third of a mile before calling it a day and heading to the cafeteria. She never felt hot after these work outs, and she only would sweat during hot summers.

Arriving at the cafeteria she got herself a cup of scalding coffe, a biscuit, and eggs. She didn't enjoy the school food much, and missed her parent's homemade breakfasts. Though considering how tired she was in the morning, it really didn't register in her mind.

After finishing, she heard a thud and saw that a kid had fallen on the ground. Her muscles weighed heavily upon her, and her legs were hesitant to stand, but no matter how tired she was, she still felt obligated to help. She walked toward the boy who had fallen when she noticed Frio, sitting at the table over the boy along with an over-confident looking guy. I wonder why he isn't helping she thought, but then she heard what he had to say. It sounded like he was attempting to start a fight with the over-confident one. Elise sighed, she hated fighting and bullying.

I should find a teacher before this gets out of hand... She exhaled at the thought of having to look for the teacher, then felt her stomach drop as she remembered who their teacher was. I'm going to choke... She thought, rushing outside looking vigorously for their teacher.
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