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Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
After thinking about this for a good while, I'm actually fairly doubtful that character customization would make it to the games.

Reason being is that, if it did exist, I'm sure that we would've at least seen some screenshots of the main heroes in different costumes of some sort. u_u I was thinking about it, and then I realized that the hero was pretty much in the same clothes throughout all of the screenies, so maybe there won't be character customization, and instead the whole "main character looking in the mirror" scene was in fact something else? I dunno, but I'm not getting my hopes up or anything, as much as I would want this to become a reality.

I'm hoping that in future screenshots, they would show the heroes in different clothing to prove the character clothing theory, but until then I'll keep being skeptical about it.
It's possible they could have chosen a default option to show off the protagonists in the trailer. The only way to be sure is too keep our eyes open for any changes in their outfit in later screen shots / videos or wait for confirmation from CoroCoro or the official site should they reveal that little feature when they release the protagonist's artwork. Not that I don't have my doubts, but I really do hope the feature is there.

Originally Posted by Magmaruby and Aquasapphire View Post
If they don't do player customation I at least hope they make the player character change clothes during the different seasons (if they return) like the old BW rumor, it was quite strange to see Hilda in the snow wearing only short shorts.
If we don't have full on character customization, then I would really be okay with this happening instead. They have proven they can change our protagonist's clothes in the middle of the game if they wanted to with DPPt, HG/SS, and again in B2W2. DPPt had us dress up for Super Contests, HG/SS let us wear the Team Rocket uniform, and B2W2 took it a step further by doing the back sprite and portrait. The only snag was they were all temporary.

Having a season-to-season change would be a neat idea and wouldn't exactly be a difficult concept to add. Honestly, there wouldn't even be a need for four new designs either. One for Spring / Summer, another for the cooler weather in Fall / Winter.
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