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    Evan Lee Gildred

    Eva enjoyed the walk to class tremendously, even if his attitude didn’t betray it. Maybe Gavin didn’t think such as him, but Eva considered him a good acquaintance now, maybe even a friend. Two days in and he had met two very kind people in the forms of Ashling and Gavin. He actually did wonder what Ashling was up to, he thought he saw her in the cafeteria, but he couldn’t be sure. Not saying much as he let Gavin lead the way, he nodded and gave a few shy and abrupt responses on topics that the other boy had introduced. More than once, Eva had a question that he was dying to know the answer to, but chickened out at the last second. Another wonderful tendency of his. One thing he did notice however, was that as they walked along, he stopped stuttering so much. His words flowed a bit better as his familiarity with the boy grew.

    They finally arrived, Gavin declaring they had arrived early. That was perfectly okay in Eva’s book. In fact, he probably would have chastised himself if that hadn’t been the case. “I’m glad, I like to get places early,” he spoke up to Gavin as the taller boy went about finding his seat. “Thanks for walking with me.” Eva smiled and walked up to the desk at the front of the class, his hand shooting into his bag and searching for something. After a few seconds of being unsuccessful, he finally opened it fully and picked out what he was looking for. The apple the cafeteria lady had given him when he had asked. Brushing it off with his free hand, he placed it on the desk with a content little sigh. It may have been corny and cliche to others, but Eva had always brought his teachers apples for the beginning of a new school season. He wasn’t a suck up, or a teacher’s pet, he just always thought it the polite thing to do.

    Grabbing a seat behind Gavin, he rested his bag on his chair and scooted quietly towards his desk. After a few minutes of waiting absentmindedly, he decided to pull out his journal a write a few notes about the day so far. Nothing extraordinary, just the events that had transpired but a few minutes earlier. He spied Gavin doing something with a most curious book, no, book wasn’t the right word, a tome. Now a question popped into his mind that he could hardly contain. Shifting in his seat uncomfortably, he bit his bottom lip and played with a loose strand of hair as he weighed whether or not to ask it. Deciding he could contain the thought no longer, he inched forward in his chair, lithe body leaning over his desk as he tapped Gavin on the shoulder. Without even waiting for the boy to turn around, he presented him with his query.

    “Hey, uhm, I have a question I want to ask you,” he whispered calmly, if a little suspiciously. Eva certainly hoped he wasn’t freaking the boy out with the secretive tone of his voice. “I’ve heard a lot of stories about Mages,” he continued, his eyes looking down at the ground. “There were a few that seemed too farfetched to believe. H-have you ever heard of a Mage transforming someone, like permanently?” He blurted out excitedly, but not too much as to sound hopeful and draw attention. “I m-mean, I’m just curious. I don’t want you going around transforming people,” he lied. “B-but, I was just wondering, theoretically. Possible or not?” His gaze finally rose from the ground, his big, soft eyes looking at Gavin as he finished.
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