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This is an outdated image simply used for cosmetic purposes.

Pokémon Ancient Emerald is a group attempt between Me, Nintendork15, and Konjiki no Yami in making a successful GBC demake of Pokemon Emerald Version, as you may have no doubt guessed. The Demake will feature the 100% accurate Emerald Storyline, plus as many features as we can recreate, probably all of them, and various post game content added on..

We all know the emerald story, but here goes:
You and your Mother have moved to the Hoenn region after you Father gets a job as Petalburg City's new Gym Leader. He was told of this job by his buddy; Professor Birch, who is your neighbor, and happens to have a child the same age as you, after meeting the child, you meet the Professor in a awkward manner of being attacking by a Zigzagoon, naturally you use his Pokemon to help save the day, he gives it to you and you go off on a journey.

  • GSC Graphics
  • All emerald exclusive features
  • Post Game Content
  • Battle Frontier
  • All 386 Pokémon obtainable
  • Day/Night Tileset Swap
  • Much more...


I'm currently remixing the entire soundtrack using 'gbFont' a Gameboy Styled Soundfont, I've done 12 songs so far, but I won't upload the entire soundtrack. You've gotta play the game once it's released to hear em all.
By Downloading the songs you're also agreeing not to use them in any of your products or showcase them anywhere without mine or Pia's permission.

Varion - Mapping, Tiling, Music, Eventing
Pia Carrot - Project Leader, Spriter, Mapper, Coder, Eventing
Aisaka - Mapping, Eventing, Scripting
Catman - Graphic Ripping
Chris - Coding
CrimsonFlag - Spriting/Graphic Ripping




KitsuneKouta - Secret Bases
BlackNekos - Spriting
Rocka210 - Banners
Melash - Sprite reference and inspiration
Previous - Original Truck Rip
Disgerdas - Viridian City Pallettes for Custom Houses
Gamenerd Advance - Colour Pallettes for Inside the Truck Tiles.
Lockerz102 - Ruby/Brendan Overworld
M.L - Tiles
Jaagup - Undersea Tiles
Poccil/Flameguru/Maruno - Pokemon Essentials Version 11
Gamefreak - Pokemon Metal Generation
Lights - CSS