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BeachBoy pretty much summed it all up. Although I have a few small opinions to add to the discussion:

If you don't know if you're interested in something or not it is impossible for you to have a passion about it. You can counteract this statement by saying something along the lines of "You can be passionate about learning about it because you don't know anything about it" but in reality you are just passionate about gaining more knowledge. You're not necessarily passionate about that specific subject.

Of course I'm using the scenario in which you are passionate before you have interest into a subject. You can however by branching out and trying new things develop over time a passion for new hobbies.

An example: I recently was not in the slightest bit interested in getting tattoo's but all of a sudden I started noticing them on people and decided I liked them. Now I have a plethora of new tattoo ideas but lack the funds to put them on me.
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