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Originally Posted by Napsy View Post
Hello Everyone!! The Page of Mind is here ;w;

==> Username: Napsy
==> Prospit or Derse dreamer: Derse
==> How far have you read: All the pages, all of them. I've been following Homestuck for over 3 years.
==> What are your favorite FLASH animations?: I REALLY like Make Her Pay, and Jade: Enter. Those are the first two that come to mind.

So glad there's fans here!!
Hello Napsy! And we're glad to have you here :D

Whoa, 3 years? I only found it this summer because I heard people on some chat mention it and had to look it up to understand what they were going on about. So you are an oldschool true fan, that's cool!

I like Make Her Pay too. It explained stuff. Jade: Enter too, I love these "aha"-feelings~ Jade: Enter were in Act 5 Act 2, right? Or maybe I remember wrong. But End of Act 4 was Descend as far as I remember. Maybe I should reread it once again ^^ I'm on my second read-through now but I kind of get stuck in the relatively boring Alpha arc...

On an almost unrelated note (and partly referring to Dirk's talk in the last updates) I've really grown to like Roxy. I thought she was annoying when she was drunk all the time, but in Act 6 Act 3 (I think??) she has been rather amazing, especially with her relations with Calliope and the Batterwitch. Ahaha. Can't wait for the next update, seriously.

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