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If you don't feel there is a point to it, you're free to stop replying. :)

Originally Posted by roosterman View Post
look, i know coding is hard and all but when you calculate how much all the stages cost, you could nearly buy the original game on a disc.
This is stated as a fact, and it's a numerical statement - could you find a source on this so I could understand fully where you're coming from?

i'm just against it cause they over price it so much and fool everyone into buying it.
I don't understand this mindset. People who buy things aren't idiots...they buy things because they want them. If it's worth the cost to them, if they have enough free money to buy something that is too expensive for you, how are they getting fooled? Is there an epidemic of DLC that lies about what it includes?

besides, this shouldn't be based on work, it should be based on what it gives the player, and its not like the players will really notice and appreciate the work that went into it cause it looks the same as always. neither one of us have a large amount of experience in this so we both could be saying things that don't even remotely make since as far as we know so there really is no point in this argument or discussion or whatever you want to call it.
Players do notice and appreciate the work. At least I do, and my friends do. We care about the industry enough to learn about it, and are aware of the work it takes to do a "simple" thing like...putting accurate reflections in a mirror in a game. If a company feels that their DLC is worth less, then they can price it lower, and if they price it too high, then people won't buy it and they're re-price it to match. If it's making a lot of money, it's the right price for a large amount of people.

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