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    Watched it while it was still airing. It looked really interesting and I looked forward to it. For some reason, some people I know were bashing it like it was the worst thing ever made, while the majority hyped it as the best animated series ever made. Thus instead of waiting for it to finish, I watched the first ~8 episodes that were out at the time and... I really didn't get the hype. It did start out strong with lots of potential (first episode only). But they blew it all with the completely irrelevant side stories. After that mess of around 6-7 episodes (especially the episodes with that mystery), they couldn't fix it anymore. The rest of the Aincard arc was so rushed, that most of the development happened offscreen. That's NOT the right way to do that. You can't just say that they knew each other for two years so they are really close, if they only met couple of times onscreen. The playing family with a random child was also terrible. At least the first antagonist was a little interesting, compared to the terrible second one. The antagonist from the second arc was the worst villain ever made. I'm talking about bad as badly written. But since the whole second arc was a mess, you can't expect a good villain heh.

    In other words, I hated it and it's the worst anime I ever watched. And I've seen some bad shows.
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