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    Nathan - South Floroma

    Nath woke up with a plate of food handed to him by one of the village people. They were very kind to him as he got himself ready for eterna. He stored 5 oran berries and some revival herbs just incase, and set off for Eterna.

    He just found himself casually walking into another town, and did not think of himself as a threat. he was confident and rearing to do something good. When he finnaly reached Eterna he realised just how bad the place was, it was worse than Children's city. He carried on walking, pretending not to notice the crying children with their parents giving them care. Nath sighed.

    I know what you're thinking, you think your uncle might be here?

    "Yeah I hope, but we must carry on, the world needs that beedrill guy. He's like a hero to them people."

    You know, if he is... dead... you may still be able to help.

    "What do you mean?"

    I mean, take his spirit, become the beedrill!

    "And what will happen to you though, I feel like I allready know you too well."

    I'll still be here, but you can fuse with either beedrill or me.

    "He will be alive, I just know it..."

    Not a word more was spoken. Nath reached a small building where a lot of noise was coming from and peeped trough the glass. It was the beedrill guy! Nath really hoped that he was just sleeping, but he looked dead. There were crates and sacks all around and two men throwing sack filled with people in. Nath couldn't bring himself to fight and backed away.

    What are you doing, this is your chance!

    "No your right, this is my chance..."

    Nath slowly edged back to glass and glared trough the window. He knocked on the glass tree times, enough for the men to hear, and used hypnosis to send them to sleep. He smashed through the glass and crawled inside to help the beedrill. he was too late, he was dead...

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