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    Hanso SharpEye
    Hanso returned his emblem to his upper arm, listening as the Meganium told her story. His face remained impassive, but his mind thought back to the battle for Shine City. Dinorah's story checked out, since Hanso remembered seeing a Venusaur of the Gold Tribe some time before the Ancients got into the city. He sighed to himself, out of relief. If others of the Gold Tribe, or related to it, had gotten out alive, then it was another sign to the Gallade that Brynn would have made it out alive. At the same time, though, there was the possibility that she could have been captured and...

    Hanso abruptly turned back to his pack and picked it up, ready to leave. He would not let himself think about what might have happened. The Gallade stood still as his mind picked up the remainder of his sensors, leaving just a trace of psychic energy that would fade away within a few hours. When he turned his attention back to the campsite, Zane was talking to the three Cape City Pokemon. Hanso edged a little closer to better hear, just as Saul said, "Lash, you forget something. We know the tunnels, these idiots will end up going the wrong way or wanting to fight! Don't even get me started on once we get to the winding tunnels and they end up getting seperated!"

    Hanso raised an eyebrow as he listened to the rest. Won't be hard to keep track of you three, he thought. As the group began to move out, Hanso took a place near the front, where he'd be able to memorize the terrain they crossed. It might be useful to remember the entrance to the tunnels, should he ever need to teleport there. It wasn't long before Lashire suddenly stopped and held up a hand. "Wait, we're near the tunnel."

    Hanso took a few steps to the side, turning to get a clear image of the area, especially the patch of 'grass' that the Pawniard pulled up. How many other places had he memorized in such a way? There was the outside entrance to Albia's sewers, and the Thieves' Village, assuming it was still intact. That smoke above the forest had not been a good sign. When the Gold Tribe began filing down the hole, Hanso kept himself among the last few to disappear into the tunnel. As Lashire closed the hole above them, Hanso set up a network that kept track of the minds of each and every member in their group, except for the scouts.

    Lashire's last words before leading the way were, "Follow me Gold Tribe. For the most part it is a straight shot, but every so often I'll tell you all when to make a turn or what not. Don't miss the turns. We can't spend time searching for you in the miles of tunnels, the best advice I can give you if that happens is try to find your way back to this area and get out of the tunnels. Once an Ancient finds ya, that's it."

    As they moved along, Hanso blinked several times to note the difference in light, or lack of a difference. He turned part of his mind to practice emptying his 'white room'. Penance had said it would take a while to get it right, but Hanso didn't have two months to do so. Besides, the white room kept filling with various thoughts, some of which didn't sound at all like himself.

    "Auron is toying with us," Ragnaros said aloud, making Hanso jump slightly at the sudden sound. The Salamence's voice echoed slightly, which wasn't necessary. The sounds of their footsteps was enough noise already.

    "Less noise," Hanso relayed, allowing his message to reach the whole Gold Tribe. It was easy, since he'd already been keeping track of them. After a moment of thought, the Gallade added, "You have a point, though. Considering all the Ancients that there must be, and the Sentinels...something for when we have time to talk." Unfortunately, that took Hanso's mind off his 'white room' and back to the problems at hand. They were en route to Cape City, hoping to find the Gold Crystal, which would counter the Silver Crystal.

    What were its powers, again? It could unlock a Pokemon's 'chaos form', which had apparently happened with Ignitus. The crystal, or its prisoner, could take control of anyone who touched it, which may have happened to Auron. One line in particular rose to mind: The Dark One feeds off the malice, chaos, and evil of our world. Hanso stopped suddenly, momentarily forgetting whether anyone was behind him. Was it possible?... He locked the thought away in one corner of his mind, preserving it for the time being. As he'd said, it was something for when they had time to talk. Hanso hurried up to reach the one before him, tracking the other's mind.