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Originally Posted by gunnerpow7 View Post

==> Username: gunnerpow7
==> Prospit or Derse dreamer: Hmm... Prospit Dreamer
==> How far have you read: As embarrassing it is, I just started Act 3... ;;
==> Answer current topic: Hmm... my fave FLASH animations should be the strife battles coz they give interactivity... :3
Nice to see you, gunnerpow! I'll add you in. Oh my, if you're in Act 3 now, you have all the best parts ahead of you! I really loved Act 4, it's where everything is really beginning to get deep and big and serious and AAAAAH I want to read it for the first time again but I cannot ;; Don't read through this thread too thoroughly so that you get spoiled :D ENJOY your read-through! :) And watch the flash animations with your sound on ;) The music is such a great part of Homestuck.

Originally Posted by Cid View Post
Welcome, I like Pokemon (wait actually, welcome back!), Napsy and Gunner! It's really unfortunate that you're only in Act 3, Gunner, but I'm sure you'll catch up eventually. I mean even I just started reading four months ago, but I caught up in like a month because I was just hooked and enjoyed it to bits. I guess we'll bump the spoilers back to hide yo kids hide yo wife for anything after Act 3 for Gunner here. How far are you in Act 3? Things are getting pretty interesting, yeah? ;D
Haha, I began reading in the summer, I think around the long hiatus where fans were trolling the web about the anime :p So I was surprised when updates began coming daily xD

Originally Posted by Cid View Post
I was really expecting a flash, too. ;; I guess Hussie got lazy? I was hoping the returning characters would at least get a flash, if it didn't happen from the changes that the alpha kids went under when the explosions happened (man, being vague so that it's relatively spoiler-free is hard, but I must do it because I feel lazy with the spoiler tags, haha). Oh well. I'm also just really really happy to see Jade again. <3
I think we shall have the return of the spoiler tags, yes ^^ You're doing well in being vague though!
But yeah... I was really looking forward to see what music they'd use :3 Haha, that's my focus, the music. I'm really excited for Homestuck Vol. 10!

Originally Posted by Cid View Post
update (02/10/13)
I said from my previous post how Roxy became my favorite Homestuck character, and I'm definitely sticking to this now that I hear that Rika is warming up to her too. :D She's amazing and really cute, plus all of Dirk's compliments made me see more into how she is as a person, and how she really was while sober. She has the most kickass-looking God Tier outfit out of the Alpha kids too, imo. <3 Gamzee I haven't really had any good words to describe him since Alterniabound, so I still don't get why he gets so much attention, haha. B2 session i.e. post-Scratch kids session Jack I think isn't possessed by Caliborn but simply made as a pawn or something, since I reckon he'd be less wild and crazy if he were possessed. So Caliborn is still LE. But man, I still flipped out when the entire transformation scene played out.

But yes, this recent update was just so awesome. Jade is adorable, and it's funny how she's basically talking to younger, alternate versions of her ectobiological parents like as normal Jade, while they're just stoked to see another human (with odd dog ears and space powers to boot!), haha. I wonder if Jake has made the connection that it was this Jade he was writing to as a penpal. And where is John? Dealing with the Condesce, perhaps? So excited to see Dirk and Roxy meet Dave and Rose eventually, ahh. Oh and the beta kids finally catching up with each other after all those grueling years of being stuck with their ectosiblings, sprites and/or a couple of dead (or alive) trolls. John, Rose, Dave and Jade must have missed the other two. Excited to see their reunion!

I wonder how far Rose and Kanaya's relationship have progressed. :o
le reply
My thoughts too, on Roxy. I kind of miss the old Act 5 Act 1 Gamzee ^^ He was kind of adorable, when I think about it. And yeah, I think your thoughts on LE/Jack are probable ^^

Jade is always Jade :D I'm amazed at how good Hussie is at keeping the characters true to their personalities. The only one who have really changed over time, imo, are Rose (even more dark and weird while she was a bit lighter and dull at the beginning), Dave (he kind of lost his kindofsilly coolkid style somewhere in Act 5 Act 2, I think, but Hussie got it back in the intermissions when Dave began rapping again ^^) and Terezi (face it, she used to be a smiling, creepy evilgirl but along her feud with Vriska and then her relationship with Dave and her dancestor, she turned a lot more mature and serious). Hmm. Now when I write it out, I realize those "character changes" make sense considering what they've gone through ^^; so nevermind xD
/unnecessary text brick

Kanaya and Rose! I somehow think they have already broken up, actually. So that John x Rose can happen lmfao
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