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    No not necessarily. But, it's how people get a lot of they're answers, it's teaching people how to get answers instead of thinking. Put it this way. If we didn't have internet 99% of this generation and the last generation would be lost, they wouldn't have a clue what's going on.

    The main reason for why we're dumber is the lacking of school education. Back in my parents day they actually "taught" you how to figure out the answer using your "brain", now they just give you the answer or show you how to get the answer but you're no learning a thing. Your just learning to get the answer, now learning how you GOT the answer. A calculator in math doesn't mean you "learned" to do the problem because you aren't doing a lot of thinking, the calculator's doing everything for you. In they're day, they didn't have calculators, it's the media and our generations that's it.

    We don't have any leaders anymore, no real inspiration no idols, just a bunch of followers because they don't know how to lead or know what they're doing. They're all following hoping that someone down the chain knows the answer or of what's really going on. Everyone's just saying the same thing because they "think" it's the answer, they're too lazy to figure out the answer. In other words, people are incapable of using they're brain anymore.
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