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Originally Posted by Caelus View Post
I never fall asleep until like 1 or 2 at night. It's become a habit but there was a stretch where I slept at 3 and I went to school running on 4 hours of sleep. One of my priorities is fixing my sleep schedule but it's much easier said than done.
Same for me - My sleep cycle is screwed up.

Tis quarter after midnight. And I'll proably be up for another hour or two. Or three.

The least amount of sleep I've ran on was just over 3 hours - back to back band trips, one to play at a football game far away (We got back at 3 am.) and then we have to leave at 7am for a band contest.

I got through the day but I was hyped up on my special brew. It's what I call my mixture of energy drinks and other assorted junk. I mix gatorade, monster, a nos powershot, sugar, and coffee. And yes, it tastes as disgusting as it sounds. I've since refined the recipe, but it's still a very disgusting concoction.