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    I mentioned this in another thread. A Light-type attribute might be in the cards and would be a cool addition as an opposite to the Dark-type. Light would be strong against Dark and Ghost (typical strengths in real life) and weak against Dark (another typical strength/fear). It could be a secondary type to fairy/angel-like Pokémon like Cleffa's evolutionary line for example.

    Ninfia, whose English name is Ninfeon, would be Eevee's 8th Eeveelution. Eevee so far has only evolved into a Water-type (Vaporeon), Electric-type (Jolteon), Fire-type (Flareon), Psychic-type (Espeon), Dark-type (Umbreon), Grass-type (Leafeon) and Ice-type (Glaceon). Eevee has still not evolved into another Normal-type, or a Fighting, Flying, Ghost, Steel, Bug, Poison, Rock, Ground or Dragon type. Ninfia comes from "ninfu", which means "nymph" in Japanese, as in the stage before adult in insects and/or fairies in mythology. Ninfeon looks nothing like a Bug-type, so it's possible it could be a Normal-type, as alot of the fairy-looking Pokémon are Normal-types (Clefairy, Togetic, etc.) or a Flying-type (because of the wavy ribbons that seem to blow freely in the wind, but yet Ninfeon isn't winged). Some say Ninfeon could be a Fighting-type but I hardly see any attributes of that.

    I like the idea of another Eeveelution. Eevee is bound to evolve into all 17 types eventually. There might even be another Eeveelution next to Ninfeon coming out later this year. We got 3 Eeveelutions in Generation I, 2 in Generation II, none in Generation III, 2 in Generation IV and none in Generation V. Seems to be a slight pattern with releasing new Eeveelutions every other generation.
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