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    The alignments i think i'm are: Chaotic Neutral,True Neutral,Neutral Good and either Chaotic Evil or
    Neutral Evil.

    I don't really trust anyone or anything at all because they all tend to oppress my freedom to do whatever i want to do which is what i long for and really only care about despite seeming like i don't. I also can be really lazy when it comes to everything and anything. I believe that good and bad are subjective as what one person views as good another will view as bad etc. For example: I slept with my good friend who is dating someone at the moment
    , however he offered to do it with me when i brought it up in a conversation one night and then he changed his mind while doing it with me so i stopped due to him changing his mind. I was so enjoying it until he stopped and since then i've been upset with him. So
    because i sensed that he was gonna kill the enjoyment for me somehow, afterwards and still am irritated that he backed out. I also have gone and sold a christmas present after being told not to for money, because i was craving Popcorn at the time. I also for the longest time made it out to look like i forgave my mom but really i went over to her and her current lover's place to eat and so she can't say that i don't see her at all.
    I will always respect her for bringing me into this world but don't trust her.

    I also believe that people should be free to do whatever they want, however whatever they end up doing with that freedom is on them to deal with not me.

    I don't use violence but don't consider myself a pacifist because if i could find a way to use it with my lack of upper body strength i would.

    I also don't like being told no but tend to swallow my feelings about the issue and pretend like i don't.
    Which alignment or alignments are you?
    Which of the alignment or alignments do you think this OP could pass for?

    Will be interesting to see the responses.