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    Originally Posted by Keiran777 View Post
    Light, as in "holiness" and "purity" wouldn't fit well with Pokemon, I agree. But light as in the light spectrum would. Could you imagine a flashlight Rotom? lolz

    I could easily see a Light-type being weak to the types that are underrepresented offensively, and resistant to the stronger ones.

    But if Sylveon isn't a new type, my hope in there being a new type will diminish somewhat cause I can't imagine a better way to introduce a new type than with an eeveelution.
    I'm agree with the bolded Part.

    Although I just said I'm not against new type being introduced despite the broken meta-matchup, I particularly dislike Light-type, especially if they represent like what I've bolded or as contrast to "Dark Type".
    Most of the time, the thematic that Pokemon have brought up since Generation III (nature and relationships), to Generation IV(history of the universe, and myths and legends), and Generation VI(relationships of the opposites) are all having neutral view point and it could happen because most of the Pokemon rerepsenting them didn't have any stereotyped prejudice.

    What I'm saying is, Light-type would tend to bring the much overused fantasy trope of Good Vs Evil, Light vs Darkness, while the Light-type being the good guy and Dark-type as the bad guy. I would like if they some twist and manage to handle them so both facet of nature could viewed as same and neutral viewpoint. But it even more unlikely since kids are used to Light=Good and Dark=Evil.

    If there is indeed Light-type and it represent as purity, holy or the opposite of Dark, all pokemon need later is a medieval-themed game of Pokemon with some sort of overlord as it villain.
    Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
    If there was a Light type, then it better be a trio with Steel and Dragon based on the supposed claim Leaf Storm linked to me on my VM page. I would simply imagine Light being super effective against Dragon and weak against Dark and Poison (not sure about Steel).
    It would make Dark type even more uber than it should be. There is no need for trio if the match up not working from the start.

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