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Eh... I don't know. I really don't believe in pokemon having clones or rip offs of one another.

I mean, even Plusle/Minun are justifiable. I feel like GameFreak wanted to ride the Pikachu wave and they decided to put in more Pokemon that are similar to Pikachu - being electric and cute - but it doesn't tend to work out very well. There's Emolga, Marill, and Pachirisu, for example. Most of their designs tend to be unique, though I suppose their downside is that they don't even evolve with the exception of Marill. Almost all designs are unique in their own way, and the resemblances shouldn't be an issue. I suppose the exceptions are the 'paired' Pokemon, like Nidoking and Nidoqueen, or the [email protected] pair, but I find that they make sense since their designs are built on each other.

In any case, an electric hamster would be kind of cool~~ Though I'd like to see more of a electric salamander. (Gah I've been too obsessed with Salamanders lately, I apologize)

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