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    Originally Posted by bulbasaur21 View Post
    This sounds like fun. And it gives me another reason to start up a game on my new computer
    Username: bulbasaur21
    Version: I think I'll play crystal
    Degree Range:16 degrees Celcius/60 degrees Fahrenheit - 30 degrees Celcius/89 degrees Fahrenheit
    How about Sudowoodo, Meganium, Donphan, Venomoth and Pidgeot, and for the fighting type get Tyrogue and use whatever Hitmon it evolves into?

    Sorry for the two day delay, I haven't even had internet for 3 days aha.

    Anyway an update on my challenge from like a week ago:

    -I started with Treeko
    -I got to Rustburo City
    -I caught a Nincada
    -I went back and beat every trainer with Nincada
    -After a 30 minute battle I managed to beat Roxanne with just Nincada(Uggghh that took forever)
    -I caught a Mawile
    -I procrastinated for a week
    -I delivered the letter to Steven
    -I caught a Magikarp
    -I am now training in the route north of Slateport to evolve Nincada because I doubt I'll be able to beat Brawly unless he can't hurt me.
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