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    Recruiting a game dev partner, not a teammate. I want someone who is equal with me not below me
    Team Name: The Goodfella's
    Team Leader: Me I suppose, but I regard anyone helping me as an equal
    Current Member: Me
    Game Title: Pokemon Crimson Skies
    Current Progress: Have about the first 3 gyms mapped out. Doing more as we speak.
    Position(s) needed: Anyone who can be a mapper, a spriter, and possibly even a scripter if were lucky enough.
    Timezone: I'm EST, but yours doesn't matter.
    Method of Contact: PM me with your e-mail, windows messenger and kik messenger both work.
    Additional Info: I was working on this game about 3 years ago and decided to pick it up again. I've updated to the new essentials kit which is much better than the old one, now that it is more complete I will be more inclined to finish my game. I'm not trying to go for anything too fancy in my game, because the more things I put in, or the more special graphics I want, the harder it is going to be to complete it. I just want to make a pokemon game with good game play, a good story, and good replay value. Graphics are only graphics to me, I'm fine using the Kyledove Sinnoh sets for the most part, but if you have better graphics to use than we can use those too.
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