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Give here your request's for RE/DE make... The form of request is.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~REQUEST FORM~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Music - (Better if you give me link to midi...)
Soundfonts - (I have soundfonts from RBY, NES, SNES, RSE, DPPT, HGSS, BW, B2W2, Orchestral)


Give me some time... It was taking some time to remake or Demake music... My works you seen in my previous Thread... Also you can visit my YOUTUBE CHANNEL (AtecainHakara) and listen from here a lot of my works.

- Giratina Battle ( I only can remade to SNES version )
- HO-OH Battle (In any version I can't)
- Lugia Battle (Sound horrible in RBY mode)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MY WORK EXAMPLES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
N Farewell *Orchestrated*

Pokemon RSE Caves and Forest *Pokemon Black2/White2 Soundfont*

Pokemon Black2/White2 ROUTE 23 *Pokemon Platinum Soundfont*

Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum MT.CORONET TOP (Spear Idle) *Pokemon Black/White Soundfonts*


Rest of my work you can seen in this thread .


Have fun from listen this and I waiting for your requests.
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