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Okay here is my (luckily allowed) SU, hope this is okay I thought it could be fun to parallel the other mage character in some aspects.


Name: Allister Curtis
Nickname: He has no real nickname and prefers to not be called by one, doesn't stop some people from nicknaming him though.
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: Mage

Appearance: Allister is a tall fellow standing at 6’5” but is of a very slim build from using magic rather than strength to accomplish difficult physical tasks. He is one of those peculiar people whose features seem to look both angular and soft and he has pale white skin, a seemingly common trait in mages. Allister has peculiar, almost blood red hair that is kept cut neat and thin, longer in the back with a simple fringe in the front and falling nicely behind his ears. In contrast with his red hair his eyes are a deep blue colour and are usually covered by thin, somewhat stylish glasses which he needs for seeing longer distances and keeping his vision clear and not blurred. He is known to almost always have a neutral expression on his face.

Allister is almost always well dressed not just because he believes that one’s appearance can give away a lot about a person but because he has a genuine preference for clothes of that nature. When not in his uniform Allister wears black dress pants, a white button-up shirt and a black coat, he prefers to forgo a tie but has been seen wearing one. He usually, of course being at a school, wears his school uniform with the red tie and his jacket done up neatly. The one thing of his look that is always present (even when in uniform) is a chain bracelet on his left wrist with a shield depicting his family crest hanging off of it.

Personality: As is typical of mages Allister is highly intelligent being born naturally with the gift and a talent for most kinds of magic. Despite this he has little interest in classes and in studying which means he pays little attention in class, often choosing to read fictitious works instead of class material, the fact that he still passes with high, if not the highest, marks often infuriates people but he just “gets” things due to his logical, advanced thought pattern.

Allister is proud of his family and his powerful magical heritage but he also wishes to not be as snobby as the majority of his family who often look down on those who are not as wealthy or powerful. He is mostly neutral and respectful but prefers not to socialise much not due to looking down on others but due to having a general dislike for the trend of people doing nothing but boast, be loud and generally irritating and despite his usually calm demeanour he can become quite harsh when aggravated and tends to be quite good at picking words that really hurt people. If you manage to become a friend of his though this changes quite a bit and whilst he is still not very open about himself he will become far more open to you being fiercely loyal to those he is close to and an admirer of those with the motivation to work hard and achieve through perseverance not talent. Whilst he tries to hide it he has a soft spot for most women, especially cute ones.

History: Again, like many mages, many parts of his family chose to dwell in the human world as opposed to those of the yokai, although many branches still did. Allister himself, despite being born a full-blooded mage, has spent part of his life living near Australia’s Gold Coast and another part in rural Washington (USA) rather close to the Canadian border before moving on to live in the dorms of Yokai Academy. His family in both the world of the yokai and in human society have always been rather rich and influential which has lead to him having access to many things but also a realisation that the majority of the people in his family and in their social circles were snobbish and arrogant, with this in mind he is looking to not just honour his family but also make a name for himself as an individual. His past has earned him a hatred of people who boast too much and look down on others.

Weakness (es): Having focussed on honing his natural magical talents he is physically not as strong as other yokai physically which has on occasion been a problem for him causing him to compensate for his lack of strength with his magic and the overuse of the more powerful magic he has access to can result in headaches. On top of this he can be pulled into confrontation easily if you play on his beliefs or look down on others.

Other: Whilst he can enhance his magic by channelling it through objects he prefers to do it with the bracelet on his wrist rather than with the traditional staff (although he does own one) as it has been specially designed for this purpose. His hobby is to read fiction, strange for a yokai who lives in what many would call an almost fictitious world. His family crest is a serpent coiled around a magical staff.

Code: Mango Strawberry (I really liked this idea, just saying).

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