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    Nathan - South Floroma

    Nathan was back again in the town that entrusted him with a very important job of which he failed. He wasn't feeling to good about himself, but he knew he still had to help in some way, if he could just fuse with beedrill...
    A sudden sudder came over him, like some colossal beast was watching him. Nath thought nothing of it though, he had more important things to worry about, the main problem being Floroma. He wasn't sure how the people would react to his return. He decided there was only one thing to do, explain the situation to the town.

    When Nath entered Floroma everyone was staring, and smiling? They all looked appy, but surely they could see that there was no Beedrill. Nath felt a little creeped out, but bravely stepped forward towards the mayor. The mayor seemed pleased with Nathans return, so Nath explained the full story, no lies included.

    The mayor laughed and said "You did all you did, and now, you possess another spirit you cannot talk to, that reason is because you and Noctowl have a strong spiritual connection, a one that cannot be broken. You may find it will take a long time to be able to fuse with other spirits you may obtain throughout your journey. Altough it's a mystery how you and Noctowl have that strong a connecton, it's almost as if it could enter the real world...."

    The mayor was very wise, and very psychic too... Nath finnaly understood what he needed to do, just have a little patience. Nath went back to the straw bed he slept in last night and sat down. He looked at the sun, it was nearly mid-day. Nath was sure that if he tried hard enough he may be able to connect with beedrill.

    Nathan starting reading some old books, one of the books he read was called 'legends of the universe' and had a picture of some beast, presumably a pokemon, with a ring around it's stomach, or some sort of wierd shape. The book stated that the pokemon was called arceus, the creator of all things. Nath laughed. 'The destroyer of things more like' he turned the page to find some rather interesting facts.

    'Without a core, we cannot strive, arceus is the core of all things. Without time, we cannot adapt, Dialga is the lord of time. Without space, there would be no life, Palkia is the being of space. Without balance, everything collapses, Giritina is the dragon of the distortion world.'

    Nath just had an idea. If arceus removed all the pokemon, the world and universe would all collapse! He must of had to keep some alive, such as dialga and palkia, or even giratina, or else nothing would exist. Unless it is just legends. Nath kept the idea in his head, perhaps he could ask someone knowlegable, but who? Nath was tired of thinking. Perhaps it was a stupid idea, 'if these beasts did exist why haven't they helped us then.' Nath was not sure

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