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I was about to join earlier to the Eeveelutions challenge, but then I cringed at the thought of Sinnoh. It's one of my least favorite places to go through in game.
( + I have a self-imposed challenge of using a pokemon team that my bf has chosen there... Bronzong why are you so slow? )

Using at least one of the Eeveelutions is rather normal in a playthrough, since in most games (excluding Hoenn, DP and BW) you can get it rather early. So you end up either boxing it or using it. I can't count the times I've now used Vaporeon, Jolteon and Leafeon. The number is just too big to bother. So it just grows to dull out the interest.

Not to mention when you go back to 4th gen games and look at the level up moves...
- BW2 - Hydro Pump - level 45
- 4th gen - Hydro Pump - level 71

Espeon (I have some serious dislike to this one actually)
- BW2 - Psychic - level 37
- 4th gen - Psychic - level 64

- BW2 - Moonlight - level 33
- 4th gen - Moonlight - level 71

Completely other topic side note: I need a Conquest type image of Altaria. ;__; Otherwise I can't update my sig

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