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    UPDATE: Not much going on lately. I haven't really felt like drawing anything recently. However, one of my fellow card fakers recently made an Ancient Mew-style fake, which inspired me to make one. I had made one in the past (Ancient Celebi) but it wasn't really great quality. Anyway, here's Ancient Azelf!


    If you're interested in seeing what the card turned out like, head over to the Fake Cards sub-forum.

    Also, here's some minor stuff...

    A soft coaster heat-dyed with my own artwork. I actually printed this a while back (like a year ago), but I recently dug it up while I was reorganizing my room and decided to upload it. I'm actually thinking about selling it, so PM me if you're interested.


    And a goofy and somewhat-disturbing comic based on a dream I had a couple nights ago (spoiler'd for blood/violence).


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