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    Originally Posted by Curtis talli View Post
    I would not like to live in Middle earth because I would be scared of the Orcs that would kill me.
    The Orcs are scary, but they're nothing compared to the giant spiders such as Shelob. I wouldn't even go near her or the giant spiders of Mirkwood.

    But the most frightening abomination of Middle-earth is Ungoliant, the foremother of all the evil spiders. She's actually much bigger than Shelob - eventually, she might have grown bigger than a blue whale. Ungoliant is the stuff nightmares are made of - she's a primordial evil being in spider from. And she was so powerful, she was almost unstoppable. After Ungoliant consumed the Two Trees and all the light around it, it still wasn't enough. In fact, she threatened to devour Morgoth. Fortunately, Ungoliant was long gone by the time of LOTR. She had gone deep into the southern hemisphere of Middle-earth and eaten herself.
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