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I'll keep this update short.

After foiling Team Galactic's plan of creating a new world, I head to Sunyshore City where My favorite Gym leader seems to be Depressed, Is it me or is everyone around me always depressed, You all should try Cymbalta, the TV says it helps lol. Anyway, I show Volkner that there are some tough trainers out there while satisfying his boredom. I make my way to victory road, which I got out of the way in one trip, thank arceus. The Elite 4 seemed to be a little bit more difficult this time around, Maybe it was Big Bertha's Golem that made it more difficult, oh and I can't forget Cynthia's Garchomp that got a Crit earthquake on my poor Wolf/tiger/whatever it is. But all in all, I pulled out of this game satisfied, though I could have done better.

Final Marker for my dear Arcanine:
Name: Brisingr
Nature: Rash
Attack: 192
Defense: 156
Sp. Attack: 200
Sp. Defense: 126
Speed: 186
~Flame Wheel

Onto the next game, Pokemon Black! :D
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