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    Thread Awards:

    Best Rookie Roleplay: N/A

    Best Veteran Roleplay: N/A

    Most Original Roleplay: CLOUD v6.66

    I can't remember there has ever been a RP before where creatures like "DAEMON" were used, atleast… not in the two years i've been on PC. This roleplay reminds me of Sword Art Online… but it's A LOT different, instead you die in this online game, you'll "lose" your identity. I really had to resist myself from joining since i'm way too busy to join more than 3/4 RP's, but it's certainly one I would recommend. That's why I nominate CLOUD v6.66 for the "Most Original Roleplay" award.

    Member Awards:

    Best Rookie Roleplayer: N/A

    Most Improved Roleplayer: ShinyDiamond

    Why I nominate him? I think i'm not the only one who has noticed he has been less aggressive and more helpful lately. He doesn't join that many Roleplays anymore and that gives him more time and attention for the RP's he did join! And it pays of, his post quility has raised a lot, it's been fun to read his posts.

    Best Game Master: N/A

    Best Sign-Up Writer: N/A

    Most Helpful Player: Lilizuki

    I really think she deserves this award. She has been helping me out with my Roleplay a lot, giving me tips how to improve it and even helping me with an enjoyable event for the first chapter the next chapters will remain a secret for her though. I really appreciated her help.

    Best Roleplayer: PkMnTrainer Yellow

    Anyone who disagrees? I find the layout of her post awesome and her grammar is what you could call "perfect". I enjoy interacting with her characters a lot. They're not perfect… actually, they are FAR from perfect and I like that because in real life humans aren't perfect too.