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    James Joules Garnet

    When Aria didn't respond, James at first thought that maybe she was angry with him for encroaching on her private thoughts. When he looked at her though, that notion was swept away in the tide of emotion that was pouring out of the two spheres gazing into his soul. James felt an arrow rent his heart in two when Aria spoke of her Father the way she did. It /had/ been something really personal. And yet, James didn't budge from his position at her side, especially not when she was in this state. Without a second thought James wrapped moved his arms around Aria and hugged her tightly in a swift movement. To hell with with his pride. And to hell with what Lisbon was yelling at him about 'proper' etiquette. He wasn't going to watch his friend cry and just stand there. This was it. This was all part of being a knight. He had to be there for those who needed him. Forget about being the cold noble. No... James didn't want to be a dark shadow of a person. He wanted to be someone that people could rely on.

    James whispered to Aria, as though he didn't want anyone but her to hear what he was saying. That would be fair to say, from an outside perspective. But from James' eyes, he was really just trying to comfort a friend. "Let it all out... Don't keep any inside... It'll poison you worse than anything ever could..." James said this, and knew he was right in what he was saying. That was why this quest began in the first place, wasn't it? James' Father had been taken from him, and he'd let his despair just build up to the point that he was willing to do anything. He'd abandoned his Mother. He'd travelled to Coronet and taken the power worthy of a deity in a bid to create his own world of order. That wasn't what his Father would have wanted. What he wanted now was a perversion of what he'd dreamt of having as a child. But now Aria was, through her own emotions, making James realize that he couldn't go along with thinking so callously.

    Quite suddenly and without warning, tears began to trickle down James' cheeks.
    With a struggle, he managed a short sentence.

    "I-I... I m-miss my Dad too..."

    - Beheaded Kamikaze; Serious Sam 3.
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