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HotY 2012 Results


Another year has passed and with it another batch of hacks and hackers have made their homes at PC. I’m sure that we have all been proud of something that we've accomplished in Emulation this year, whether it was putting all of your effort in to a project that took off, expanding your skill set, making a brand new discovery or even finding new friends there should be a reason to look back and smile. Personally, I was proud to join the staff team alongside giradialkia this year and help look after the section which I’ve enjoyed immensely since 2009. As like happens every year around these parts, we have the Hack of the Year competition with awards galore, so let’s get in to it!

Please note that this thread is for posting congratulations only. Do not complain that your favourite hack didn't win, or be rude towards others in your posts.


The judges for 2012’s Hack of the Year were giradialkia, Darthatron, destinedjagold and myself. It was without a doubt the closest contest with decisive results ever seen here, with first and third only being separated by two points. There is also a breakdown of how it all panned out along with each judge’s score for the hacks:

In addition, these are the awards for the first round of voting. All hacks which were placed in the top three of each category have received an award to highlight their achievements in the popular vote.


Best Mapping

Best Scripting

Best Graphics

Best Gameplay

Most Engaging

Fan Favourite

Thanks to Spherical Ice for the great looking awards. He did us a huge favour and is awesome, just like the awards.

Final Thoughts:

While we can gaze back on our experiences last year we mustn't forget about the future. With the commencement of a community-driven hack and another round of new members and hacks to the emulation scene, there’s plenty to look forward to in 2013. I hope you enjoyed all of the hacks featured in HotY this year along with those which aren't as recognised or still starting out, so until next time, adios!