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@ Cid, tehehe thank you <3

@ I like pokemon... you mentioned some songs that I definitely love but they didn't quite make it to my list ;D

Showtime, for instance - It's really important yeah. But I just don't think it's as awesome as Skies of Skaia or Doctor etc. Showtime and Aggrieve are the original strife songs and really nice imo, especially with the original video game sounding "instruments".

Your Universe - aaah, it is amazing, that singer. That. Singer.

English - It took me a while to find this and realize that this was what Caliborn: Enter's song was based on actually! I had forgotten that we had even seen it in a flash (guess which). Really, the whole The Felt album is stunning. Beautiful background music for studying or gaming or anything lol

MeGaLoVania - this is really cool and should have made it to my list, I was just in a bit of a hurry haha. Heard in the flash where one special character ascends~

At the Price of Oblivion - it's just not one of my personal favorites but I know that a lot of people love it :D

Cascade - gawd, I actually forgot this xD But the only part I'd like to call Cascade is the beginning, which is actually a guy called Tensei's remix of the track Descend! It's really good. And the whole track on Homestuck Vol.8 is... 13:14 minutes long. Comprised of Cascade, special version of Flare, special Savior of the Dreaming Dead and special Black Rose / Green Sun.

For some reason I don't like many songs on Vol. 9 :/ They just seem boring and soulless to me, the majority of them at least. Can't wait for Vol. 10, it'll probably have Eternity's Shylock! 8D <- uh, gunner, don't click that link unless you want major spoiler.

I FORGOT THE WHOLE One Year Older ALBUM. O.o It is a really good solo album I think. Favs there are several - Firefly Cloud, FantasyP, Underfoot, and the two best songs which are two of my absolute favorite Homestuck songs (man, that list just keeps getting longer, doesn't it?) are Skaian Shrapnel and Another Chance.

... so much music draveling 8D

On an unrelated note, if you ever feel bored browsing PC, step by the little game I made in Other Trivia. It's called Choose Your Own Adventure! and will probably feature SBURB in one way or another, at least if the posters steer it in a way that makes it possible xD Like MSPA but without images.
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