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    Lucia Francisco Beranvard - Lucia's room

    Lucia rolled her eyes. "Don't get sappy on me Mark. Chin up you hear." She said with a firm nod of her head. Besides, the guy deserved it. He had a good heart that was more than apparent to her. Now... how to start her revenge on that Valorie chick... hm... she hadn't really dabbled in revenge before. She considered herself above such petty activities, but at the same time she had a new friend who had been really deeply hurt by that she-devil. A prank was something she wasn't well versed in, but perhaps a battle? Roberto would no doubt be more than enough to take out all of her pokemon. Or perhaps a fight? There had to be some place on campus where they could practice fighting techniques like self defense and what not. All she had to do was get in a class with her and get her as a partner and then BAM! Revenge would be complete.

    Tyro smirked, "IthinkI'malmostthereyouknowperhapsafewmorebattlesandI'llbelikedudeI'maBlazikenandthenI'llbeevenmoreawesome!" He said with a wide smile.

    Diana looked at Len and smiled. "Go ahead. I mean this is what you want right? Just, try not to get too arrogant when you evolve." She said.
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