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Originally Posted by Hikari10 View Post
Username: Hikari10 (but I'm better known as Hikari!)
Partner Pokemon: Pikachu, Manectric and Scraggy
Reason for joining: I've joined another color-themed club so why not join this one too?
Answer the current topic: I have to say Victini is one of the strongest yellow-colored Pokemon, with a good offensive type and some neat moves with good workable stats. It's effective with both physical, special and mixed movesets and it's so cute! Galvantula is also a strong special attacker with moves like Thunder and Bug Buzz, and Compoundeyes allows it to have 91% accurate Thunder which is pretty awesomely strong. Even the combo of Electro Ball and Agility can be deadly.

OMG Yellow Pokemanz are amazing!
Victini is quite strong ... not as strong as Haxorus or something though! Welcome to the club, Hikari! And yeeaaah! You read the rules ;3

Originally Posted by Wind Heart View Post
Username: Wind Heart
Partner Pokemon: Beautifly (Silkifly), Victini (Victi), Keldeo (Windy)
Reason for joining: Yellow is one of my favorite color.
Answer the current topic!: For me, the strongest would be Victini for being one of the cutest and also have many great moves. And Keldeo is strong too, but it becomes more stronger when it's hit by Dark attacks thanks to Justified ability, and its Secret Sword attack is unique.
... Why you no read Rules? c: Anyways once again - Victini is quite strong and cute! So is Keldeo, nom nom Justified and Secret Sword. Welcome to the club, Windy! ;3
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