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    Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
    Has anyone thought of this idea yet: A Fire/Grass type Chili Pepper. Think about it, chilis are known to be spicy, which fit the nature of Fire types, and it's also a plant.
    Woah I love this idea!
    I did some research and it turns out a Fire/Grass type only has 2 weaknesses (poison and flying)! Now what would be a good name for it? Hmmm... Oooh, what about Burilli? A cross between burn and chilli! K, here are some stats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hp: 80
    Atk: 60
    Def: 90
    SpAtk: 135
    SpDef: 90
    Spd: 90

    Base stat total: 530

    Burilli also has a signature move called Chilli Burn. This is a status move that raises the user's speed to maximum but also burns the user, no matter what type it is or ability it has, although the burn can be stopped by a rawst berry. I got the idea from SuperMario Galaxy 2 - if Yoshi eats a chilli, then he goes red-hot and runs around at super fast speeds! And since this is a chilli itself, I just thought it would be super-fast. Burilli can also learn my favourite grass move - spore (100% accurate hypnosis). Since spore will put the enemy to sleep, Burilli has time to setup and use chilli burn to maximize speed, and then he can sweep!

    Ability's, i'm not sure about. Maybe sheer force or blaze, I dunno.

    Thanx for the awesome idea, Pinkie-Dawn, I hope you like what I wrote!
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