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    Originally Posted by Sylphiel View Post
    Yeah, I was gonna say, I had quite a few classes in university where if you started missing too many classes, your grade was going to be an automatic fail regardless of how good your work was. I never had any huge classes, so the teachers could easily take attendance and tell if you were there or not.

    Heck, I even remember having one teacher that locked her door at 10 or 15 minutes past class start; if you weren't there by that time, or even if you did show and just missed the door you were automatically counted as absent for that day.
    I had that teacher. I also had the entirely opposite teach who didn't care about attendance. He just wanted a group of students he sees regularly and hated large classes. His classes had the lowest attendance and he did not care at all. I sent him an email once telling him my mother was in the hospital so I couldn't come. He told me, "I honeslty don't care whether you come or not.". Just like that. I kind of liked that kind of teacher though, lol, but sometimes a little consideration would have been neat.

    Also, Sylphiel. I love your red name. js.