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    Originally Posted by Iqid Loopz View Post
    well Dusknoir shepards souls to the after life. I was more like taking Pokemon and Human lives at will with a single touch, and only way to live is to eat the souls of the killed/hunted. And also with a big mofo scythe. Unless taking/literally killing for souls and sheparding is the same
    Grim Reaper is an angel that shepards the souls of the dead to where they need to be. Either above for living a virtuous life, or below for living a life full of lies and miss begotten deeds. Grim Reapers cannot kill themselves, they only follow death and collect their quotas. Reapers are Nuetral angels that assist the heavenly bodies and hellish nightmares. Dusknoir fits the role of a Reaper, at least a non-bastardized version of the reaper.
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