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    The boy went silent as his pokespirit continued his rant.
    "On and on, every waking hour of every waking day, boy! I starve, I hunger, I LUST for food, and I can tell that you do too, but you're too dumb. Too WEAK!" Lavender stopped, not because his pokespirit had said something, but because he found something. He'd found meat. In the distance a body lay on the ground, a deceased hiker who'd gone hungry days ago. Blood lay on the floor of the cave, the hiker having stabbed himself in the stomach in an attempt to end it all.
    "Food!" The both of them said, now on the same page for once. The boy ran to the dead body and quickly indulged himself, crying tears of joy that he and his pokespirit would no longer quarrel, even if for that time. Valka took over, slurping and chomping anything his teeth would touch, tossing the mask that Lavender hid his face behind away. The blades in his chest slowly bulged out, chopping the poor corpse into its final resting place.
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