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    I pretty much have top three songs, I guess I can break it down to these three, I din't think there's a need for a lifelong list.

    ==> 3. Heir Conditioning
    ==> This is a song I originally didn't like because of the trumpet segment. In fact, the first few times I quit listening at the trumpet segment. But I eventually made it past and oh boy is it badass. In fact, I've come to like the trumpet segments now.

    ==> 2. Knife's Edge
    ==> This is one of the songs that should be definitely used in a flash. In fact, there have been comments on YouTube that when Hussie tried to make a flash to this, his computer exploded out of sheer badassery. And I think that isn't far from truth, especially if said flash featured Dirk.

    ==> 1. Noirscape
    ==> Despite the name and cover art (and partially opening segment), I don't think this song really has anything to do with Jack Noir, much less film noir. This is yet another song that should be used in a flash and sadly enough it isn't. This song conveys a lot of emotions, just like Cascade, but unlike Cascade, it has the niche of sounding like a coherent music track, not just five songs mashed together.


    Transcript: Exposition, exposition, rush it out ASAP!

    [email protected]: The beginning of A Taste For Adventure is actually used in the halfway-past segment of Jane: Enter (that part where it's revealed that "timey wimey shenanigan victims roxy and dirk are from the future" (as stated by my friend I will not name)), so it WAS used in a flash, but not the complete track, which is probably what you meant, but I digress.

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