Thread: [Gen V] Rate my UU team please!
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Small nitpicks (since I really don't have much UU knowledge =/)

→ Scarf on Hitmontop is silly, if you get locked into Rapid Spin you give everything a free switch-in, where they can set up a free boost or a layer of hazards. Besides, you have 2 forms of priority with it, and Heracross resists CC anyways and it isn't going to do much. Give it Leftovers. if you want to leave your set as is, give it Technician >> Intimidate. If you want to you can replace something with Foresight (either Mach Punch or Sucker Punch) to hit ghosts with Rapid Spin or Close Combat if you really wanted to. If you do that you're better off keeping Intimidate.

→ Hidden Power Dark on Kingdra...why? HP Electric is superior, hits bulky water types and flying types for better coverage. Also, I realize that you're using Kingdra as a rain sweeper, but Draco Meteor >> Dragon Pulse is superior, as once you're locked in someone can switch easily to an appropriate move, and you're going to be forced to switch out anyways.

→ TBolt >> Thunder on Raikou. Volbeat is frail and isn't going to last long, so once those initial rain turns end you're kind of screwed.

→ Volbeat is not going to get off a Tail Glow and attack. And if it does, you aren't going to do much, even at +3 since Volbeat is slow. Replace Bug Buzz with Baton Pass so if you do manage to get off the Tail Glow and survive you can at least pass it along to Kingdra or Raikou.

I got nothing on actual functionality or counters, since I have no idea of how the metagame is =x