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All done! (Well pretty sure at least.)

Main Information:
Name: Kim Parnevik
Alias: Miss Possible
Age: 18
Height: 5'9'' (Male), 5'11' (Female)
Weight: 63 kg (Male), 57kg (Female)
Location: Stockholm, Sweden.


Atlantean Tattoo:
Kim's tattoo is tiara like, appearing close to her right hip. It comes up from below the top of her bikini line. It comes up nearly in line with the bottom of her belly button, though it is offset from it, coming up on a slight angle towards her left hip. (The tattoo is the same on both the male and female forms.)

Typically Kim's male form has dark brown eyes and curly brown hair is bowl cut and often dishevelled. His facial hair is usually shaven or slightly grown as he didn't like having it long because it is uncomfortable for him. He has a generally unfit and thin body shape, as he rarely exercises or goes outside but still has some left over fitness from when he played soccer.

Kim's female form can be most easily described as a super model. She has light brown eyes and chest length black hair which she usually wears down. She has very nicely shaped and sized breasts, which she enjoys flaunting at any chance she gets. She has a very fit body, which you would expect on a super model; a small waist with hips just slightly larger to give her the perfect shape. Her legs a long and well shaped, as well as her bottom, because she squats.

Kim's male form usually wears either pyjamas or plaid button up shirts and khakis. Sometimes when it gets cold he wears tracksuits with blankets wrapped around his body as he sits in his computer chair. If he is forced to leave the house he wears big jackets with hoods and long pants/khakis to hide his body and feel slightly more secure, only slightly though.

Kim's female form rarely wears real clothes, typically she creates her own clothes with her illusionary powers as she doesn't own any female clothes herself as of yet. Generally though, she creates clothes which highlight her assets such as a magically girl outfit with is very low cut, basically just a g-string bikini with a magical girl theme. High heels are her most common choice of footwear, most being high legged heels that go up to her knees.


Male Kim is what you'd call.. a shut in nerd who has a fear of the outside world and talking to people. He has a case of agoraphobia, which sometimes causes him to have sudden panic attacks if he fines himself in a situation that he is not comfortable in, such as if there is a lot of people surrounding him or talking around him, which reinforces his want to always stay inside or away from people he doesn't know, (which is mainly everyone since you can't get to know people if you don't talk to them.) Though he is scared by the outside world, he is also very curious of it, spending a large portion of his time studying it and has great understanding of it. When he's not studying he is busy playing video games or watching anime/tv shows. Because of his large knowledge he tends to state facts at inappropriate times or just if he sees something that he knows a lot about, even if he is only stating them to himself.

Female Kim, now you could say she was a bit more outgoing than her male counterpart. While female, Kim becomes much more comfortable with people and the outside world... MUCH more. She enjoys using her 'assests' to flirt with and seduce both male and females whenever she gets the chance. She also enjoys clinging onto the most attractive person that is near her and using all her means to get them to indulge her and her fantasies. She retains her knowledge gathered in her male form but uses it a lot less, only really bringing up things that she finds utterly important or over interesting, which usually ends up with her spouting out random sexually orientated trivia or facts at the most opportune moment she can find. She also loves using her environment to present herself as seductive as possibility.

Kim retains his memories from when he changes to a girl, which usually leads him to regret a lot of things and act overly awkward with the people that he hits on as a female. This in turn reinforces his want to be locked up in his room and can sometimes even cause a panic attack depending on how the person reacts to his male form after encountering his female form. He can also speak Swedish, English and German.

Kim grew up as a normal child in Gothenburg, Sweden. At a young age he started playing soccer as a way to interact with other kids and make friends with similar interests, as he eventually began to love playing soccer, playing it for the next 12 years. Through out his school life he represented his school soccer team, which regularly made it to the country championships as the lead striker. In his second last year of school he was chosen to take the penalty kick in the country finals which would decide the outcome of the game. The pressure was immense as he lined up his shot, with everyone's eyes on him he started to panic, and after completely missing the shot the pressure became to much for him and he had a panic attack in the middle of the field in front of thousands. After the panic attack he dropped out of school and holed himself up in his room, rarely leaving his house as he was scared that everyone outside would judge his failure and look at him with disapproval and hatred.

The next four years can be looked at rather boring from the perspective of most people as Kim spent almost the entity of his time in the room/house studying the outside world that he had come to fear and playing video games or watching videos. Over this time he gained a vast knowledge of the world and felt as it was fulfilling enough to just learn about the outside world without having to personally experience it. While scouring a news aggravating site he saw news on the Atlanteans, which made the outside world even scarier. People with supernatural powers that have lived for thousands of years? Humans of the present day turning gaining tattoo's and their own powers, it was all to much for him, strengthening his resolve to never leave his out and see the outside world again.

Gender Changing (male form only), Illusion Manipulation (female form only.)

As a male Kim has the ability of gender changing, which means that he can change his gender and other peoples gender temporarily, though his personal transformations usually last a lot longer than transformations on other people. Though he has the ability, he has little to no control over it as of yet, with changes happening at random. His ability usually manifests through touch which can lead to some awkward moments for Kim, which sometimes can cause him to freak out if he is confronted after changing the persons gender. Kim can only change peoples genders while he is male, with his female form losing the ability to change genders by touch, or through her illusions.

When he becomes a female he also gains some magical powers, thus becoming a magical girl. As a magical girl Kim has the ability to use magic to create illusions, such as the staff she manifests almost subconsciously when she becomes a female, as well as her magical girl outfit that she creates with illusions. With her illusions she can do all sorts of fun things such as creating multiple images of herself or turning her true self (mostly) invisible by leaving an after-image behind and tricking the persons mind into thinking that she hasn't moved.

A draw back of the illusion manipulation is that Kim can only use it while he is a female, and that she as it is still untrained she can only use her power on one person at a time (expect her clothes which are seen by mostly everyone), if someone else comes they could possible break her illusions by breaking her concentration as the power of her illusions depends on how much she is concentrating on using them. There is also a chance that if the person has a strong sense of reality that she will only be able to create small illusions that effect them, which could almost render her ability useless.

Writing Sample:

The sun shone in through the blinds, warming Kim's cheek as she slept. Slowly, the warmth lulled her from her sleep, waking her to the world, and her first day of life. Pushing herself out of bed she walked to her cupboards mirrored doors and watched her loose pyjamas pants fall to the ground, revealing her lower body, which was definitely female. Curious, she took her top off to reveal female breasts, very real female breasts after some investigation, which lead to a smile coming across her face. She also saw something unexpected, a black tiara like tattoo that was close to her right hip, coming from beneath her bikini line to about in line with the bottom of her belly button. Pulling on her knowledge she deduced there was a chance that is was an Atlantean tattoo, but everything else that was happening was much more exciting for her to really care about it's significance.

“Yay!” She said in excitement jumping up and down, “Ow that kinda hurts..” she said as she stopped jumping before the realisation hit her, I have no female clothes! Frustrated she looked into the mirror at her naked body, imagining different outfits over her body before looking at a bluray cause that was sitting on her computer desk. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. OH! Magical Girls! I would look so sexy in a magical girl outfit. As she imagined what her perfect outfit would look like, it appeared on her body, skin tight, and awfully revealing with her legs, midriff and cleavage CLEARLY visible, it suited her perfectly! Spinning around to check how it looked from behind she saw something unexpected, a black locket tattoo in the middle of her lower back, a tramp stamp.

Excitement was still flowing through her body as she threw open the curtains to reveal a beautiful day outside. It was a sunny Saturday morning, and by morning it was really more afternoon as he had spent all night reading about the reveal of Atlanteans the day before. “Ah, time to find me an attractive person to indulge in.” She declared to the world as she turned from the window and walked back to the mirror, admiring herself for one last time being blowing a kiss and winking at herself before leaving her room. The afternoon sun kissed her pale skin as soon as she left her house, though gentle she knew that she'd have to begin working on a tan so she didn't turn into a lobster every time she spent time in the sun. Walking to the centre of Stockholm from her house took her slightly longer than she expected, but it was worth it, as she soon had many a people, and a good deal were attractive, checking her out as she walked by. Much to her joy a very attractive young man approached her as she was standing in front of a movie theatre.

“Wow, you are stunning, but why that outfit? Aren't you cold?” He asked, trying to not let his eyes drop to her chest for to long. Picking up on this she squeezed her arms together, highlighting her assets, which gained a long gaze from the young man as she replied.

“I just thought it was cute and that it'd be fun to walk around in it. But yes it is a little cold.. Would you like to watch a movie with me?” She grabbed his arm, pulling it in close and held it with her breasts enveloping it. A smile came upon the young man's face as he agreed to watch a movie with her, even insisting on buying the ticket. During a short conversation before the movie she discovered that his name was Gustav and that he was a university student studying drama. Soon though, the movie began, and so did Kim. Once the lights went out her hand when to his, beginning to slowly play with his fingers for a few minutes before moving to rub his leg. Before long he joined in, rubbing up and down her leg and slowly getting a bit more brave in where his hands and fingers touched. After 20 odd minutes they had began to kiss, ignoring the fact that the movie on, much to Kim’s pleasure, especially as he got more adventurous. Suddenly as the kissing got more intense Kim hurriedly pushed Gustav off as she began crying.

He had changed back into a male, halfway through an intimate kiss, and boy was he freaking out. There he was, outside his room, naked, kissing another person with clear memories of exactly what had happened. The shock also hit Gustav as he screamed in falling back into the chair next to him as he tried to gather what just happened. Crying, Kim stood up, covering himself before running out of the movie, leaving a confused Gustav to try and work out what just happened. How could I do that! And why am I naked! Wasn't I wearing clothes before! Oh no.. As he reached the outside of the movie theatre the realism of his situation hit him. He was naked, with strangers around him and worst of all, he was outside. Violently he began shaking as he looked around to see people staring at him and talking about his naked body. “Stop looking at -” Before having a chance to finish his sentence, he fell to the ground in a panic attack, quickly passing out as a few brave strangers ran over to see if he was okay.

“Ugh.” Kim groaned as he regained conciousness. Slowly the blurring environment cleared up to reveal his mother sitting next to his bed with a worried look on her face.

“Kim, are you okay? Polisen brought you home naked. What happened?” She asked, clearly worried about her son whom usually wouldn't leave his room unless completely covered in blankets and clothes.

“S-s-so t-t-that wasn't a d-d-d-ream?” he stuttered and his body began shaking from the memories of what had happened earlier that day.

What if I have a criminal record now for being naked in public! Shaking more he began crying as he asked his mother what they said. After she explained he got off with a warning, he calmed down a little before beginning to cry again. The tears were rolling down his face as he tried to explain to his mother what happened, and that their was a possibility that he was an Atlantean. His crying got worse as he realised that his safe life inside his room my forever be over.
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