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Place-holder until I either finish this or say that's all I feel I'm qualified to vote on!

Thread Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplay:

Best Veteran Roleplay:

Most Original Roleplay:

Member Awards:

Best Rookie Roleplayer: Somniac
Not just in my own roleplay (which has only just begun!), but going through others that she's a part of she always writes well-written, thoughtful, detailed posts with well fleshed-out characters. For just starting in the section she seems like a veteran roleplayer already!

Most Improved Roleplayer:

Best Game Master:

Best Sign-Up Writer:

Most Helpful Player: Supervegeta
From everything I've seen, from voicing opinions, helping newbies, GMing his RP, and running this whole shindig, Supervegeta is EXTREMELY helpful. I don't think I've ever seen him turn down a question when someone has asked for help, and he is a role model for this community.

Best Roleplayer: