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So I want to ask about grinding and training here, pretty much. When you get the games do you intend to "grind" (grinding for those who don't know is over levelling your Pokemon by a few levels in comparison to the area you're in, in order to be able to take on future challenges easier) or do you intend to just take every battle on as if you can't actually grind? Do you intend to EV train your Pokemon - and spend time doing just that when you get the games or throughout your journey (although mainly in attack stat at first)? Or would you rather leave EV training until later? Do you intend to both grind and EV train at the same time? Or do you maybe not intend to EV train at all? Do you think this'll give you an advantage post-game if you EV train early on, or if you grind earlier? Share what you plan to do~

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