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    Corphish just stared at Shawn while the boy tried to strike up a conversation, his wide eyes never blinking. He just needed to wait for him to start nodding off, then he would be able to teach him a thing or two about listening to Sammy. She had a good head on her and if she said you should do something then the majority of the time it was best to listen up and do as she said. It was Corphish's job to make sure you did just that, whether you liked it or not. He kept staring at Shawn even after Sammy came back into the room.

    "Hey, yeah. The nurse is on her way now, she shouldn't be too long. She just said over the phone that you might have a concussion, so we really need to make sure you stay awake. So I have to keep you engaged, ask lots of questions and stuff. So... I know you just caught a Litwick. What other pokemon do you have?" She asked, folding her arms and leaning back against the doorframe. He hadn't ruined her night at all, but she didn't want to get into speaking about herself too much. Best to keep Shawn on the topic of himself and his pokemon so he stayed awake long enough for the nurse to arrive.
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