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    I'm going to be frank with you, because I want to help. This is not good.

    I would like to offer some criticism though.

    -the town is WAYWAYWAY too big and empty. It took me literally 5 min to find the lab.
    -a lot of tiles you messed up on. I can walk through a lot of things I shouldn't be able to
    -the door to the sewers needs to be opened by clicking it
    -the indoor maps are also way too big and empty. the lab could be half the size and be just fine. the house should be smaller as well, and the tile you used for the outside of the house is for a pokemon center.
    -the pokemon center is way too big and empty too. also, nurse joy should be next to the machine. it looks strange when you heal as the pokeballs just appear on the machine.
    -its better to have placeholders than no sprite for trainers. its kind of strange.
    -trainers pokemon should be higher than level 3. look at official games for reference
    -same thing with the second town. way too big and spreadout. easy to get lost

    some positive things
    -all the starters isn't a bad thing at all. it gives a lot of choices that people will like. You may want to change the rival's pokemon though. purrloin seems too plain
    -i like the sewer instead of the normal route 1
    -its good to have an extra strong trainer like the old man and his garden

    I lost the will to continue when I lost to the old geezer and would have to go through the sewer again to get back to the second town. I hope i didn't sound rude with my comments. I hope you take this advice and make things better.