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What I like to do is save some really good TMs till after Victory Road, or reteach level up moves with Heart Scales I didn't use and have no further plans for in post game. I don't like to take HM slaves with me in Victory Road, cause my team can use all the extra exp they can get. So I teach them the HMs I need for Victory Road (Rock Smash, Strength, Surf). You can also use Flash in there, which I'd recommend if it's your first playthrough or if you haven't done RSE Vic. Road in a long time. Waterfall isn't necessary, but there is a route in there that requires it. You don't have to take that route though.

And once you get out of there, you can delete those HM moves and teach the TMs you saved or reteach any level up moves you got rid of with some Heart Scales. That's just my personal strategy though, so use whatever feels good for you. :)