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    Sorry about that. Update has been released. The third release is out. Now contains placeholder sprites for half of the new trainer classes, still couldn't find good placeholders for the Trainer Classes that still don't have placeholders. Sorry...

    Also edited some maps, Grazure City is still large though.

    I'm not having trouble with battling the old geezer who protects his garden. Once you beat him, you can gain access to new Pokemon like Caterpie, and even Glameow, if lucky enough.

    In order to progress to the third city, you need to catch 10 different species of Pokemon. However, this is not implemented in the current demo, as getting past the gate is the end of the episode. Once you get past the gate, Doctor Pine will meet you on Route 1. Good luck.

    Very ingenious, as it gives an incentive to "catch 'em all".

    BTW, there are multiple rivals, and Jason isn't your main rival.

    If you have any suggestions on future updates, drop a line!
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